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The Roughneck is a complete Heavy Duty outfit with all the necessary components for industrial and commercial applications including cutting, brazing, heating and welding.

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Additional Information

  • – 780A Cutting Attachment with precision machined forged brass head and body and one-piece universal copper mixer.
  • – RV Series Regulators have single scale 2-1/2″ gauges, stainless steel diaphragms and accessibility to the seat from the rear.
  • – WH360 Welding handle can be used with most fuel gases and acetylene for heating, brazing, welding and other flame processes.
  • – Roughneck: Includes one Type 11-8 heating tip and one each Type 4, -1, -3, -5 welding tips.
  • – Roughneck II: Includes one Type 11-8 heating tip and one Type 4-2 welding tip.
  • – Roughneck Propane: Includes an RV8012 regulator, GPN-2 cutting tip, grade “T” hose and Type 12-8 heating tip. Specially designed to cut,braze and heat with Propane.
  • – Cutting Capacity: 3/4″ with supplied tip; up to 8″ with optional tips.
  • – Welding Capacity: 1/2″ with supplied tips; up to 3″ with optional tips.
  • Part #: OPH1-780
  • Product Name: Roughneck
  • Welding Handle: WH360
  • Cutting Attachment: 780A
  • Cutting Tip: 1-101-1, 1-101-2, 1-101-3, 1-101-4
  • Welding/Brazing Tips: Type 4-1, -3, -5
  • Heating Tip: Type 11-8
  • Oxygen Regulator 5-125 PSIG: RV8010 CGA540
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